About Me

About Me and My Passion

My Daughter and I (Aug 2016)

A little about me and my passion for Sacred Space:

So, I love sparkly things (you know LOTS of glitter), high heels and wedges and pretty much anything in shades of pink, purple, orange or some other ridiculously bright color.

I worship God, Life, Love and Truth and to me all of these things are one in the same.

I’m totally in love with being a Mom, painting, writing, teaching and learning.

I have spent over 10 years studying Holistic Health, Feng Shui & Interior Design. I have worked as a Digital Organizer, Professional Home Organizer, Holistic Health Consultant and Executive Assistant.

What I ended up learning the most about was Sacred Space which I base off of my knowledge of Feng Shui principles. I teach about Sacred Space because it’s where my passion is, mostly due to the fact that its the one area I have struggled in most of my life. (Funny how that works).

So what is Sacred Space?

Sacred applies to the “Whole”. It also has meanings that refer to “dedicated” or “devoted” and even sometimes referred to as Holy.

For me Sacred really boils down to Whole and Conscious Connection, which is supported by awareness and the direct intent to feel a certain way in life. It’s living life Holistically from the inside out and the outside in.

Sacred Space applies to 3 areas:


These are our 3 Sacred Spaces and really the only areas that we have control over. I believe that when we take control of these areas and start connecting (emotionally and with conscious intention), we can create really amazing and beautiful things for ourselves and the ones we love.

For more on how I create Sacred Space using the principles of Intention and Feng Shui Click Here…

Otherwise, just have a look around my website and subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you ever have any questions or need some guidance just shoot me an email, I always respond within 24 hours or less!

Pixie Dust & Fairy Hugs,