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I can’t live without!


I love this stuff, it has saved me from getting sick more than once! Plus, it helped increase my circulation & healed my chronic bronchitis!


  • Increases oxygen levels to the blood
  • Use before and after exercise & after meals to help with digestion
  • Especially beneficial during the cold/flu season.

BP Balance:

One of my favorites for anything stress related! I used this when I had high blood pressure and it immediately brought my levels to normal!


  • Great for stress, hypertension and high blood pressure (any range).
  • Also works perfect for sleepless nights (1 tablet does the trick).

Ionic Magnesium:

It’s a little known fact that calcium levels need to be balanced with more magnesium than calcium. This is the best magnesium out there…


  • Perfect for charlie-horses, twitches or restless leg,
  • Works well for stress, anxiety or random aches and pains
  • Necessary for arthritis, stiff muscles, or extreme exercise.

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