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How to Create a Romantic Bedroom

Do you want a little more romance in your life? What about a deeper connection with your partner? Or maybe you're single and you want to attract love into your life... The best place to start is in the bedroom, of course! Creating a romantic and cozy bedroom is good for body, soul and relationships. [...]

Create a Healthy Kitchen

Create a Healthy Kitchen!

If you created any sort of "Get Healthy" goal for the New Year the kitchen is the best place to start! Creating a healthy kitchen is a hugely important! This room in and of itself represents Health and Vitality and is the hearth of the home. The Kitchen is a very sacred place that should provide nourishment and health. If you [...]

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Creating a Life Designer!

Last week, I created what I'm calling a "Life Designr".(Spelled that way intentionally). It's basically a Life Planner but I am not big on the word "plan" so I went with design since that's where my heart is at anyway! I love to design things and designing your life is the best experience - it's all about conscious [...]