creating sacred space and overcoming trauma

Overcoming Trauma By Creating Sacred Space

Creating Sacred Space is simple. It's about the whole not just creating a special place that you can meditate or pray in but rather using simple techniques and practices that make you feel whole and joyful. I specialize in working with clients who are overcoming trauma. I sort of just fell into that. Maybe its [...]

when everything goes wrong

When Everything Goes Wrong…

A few months ago my family and I decided to move to Georgia. It took me a long time to finally jump on board with the idea of moving back to Georgia, (I've lived there once before). When I finally decided to do it the house went right under contract and we were all excited. [...]

perfect morning routine

Create the Perfect Morning Routine

Creating a morning routine can give you a reason to get up in the morning, help you be more productive and give balance to your life. However, what you do in your morning routine will determine the benefits you get out of it. For me creating the perfect morning routine means that its flexible and [...]