Dessert Inspired Color Palette Collections (Get Yours!)

How would you like to feel more…

  • SatisfactionCherry Cheesecake Dessert Inspired Color Palette
  • Luxury
  • Happiness
  • Decadence
  • and Pleasure

Desserts without a doubt bring on these feelings for most of us…One night, I was thinking about Cherry Cheesecake and how GORGEOUS it is; the creamy cheesecake, the deep red cherries and then BAM! these color palettes were born.


What if you Could feel luxurious pleasure In your home everyday?


Raspberries and Cream Dessert Inspired Color Palette

I designed these lovely color palettes to fill your home with colors that are reminiscent of Indulgent Desserts.

Specific colors inspire us and leave us with delightful feelings. That’s why I created these color palettes – in order to delight the senses! 

Try out some of these delicious color palettes in your own home and get all the satisfaction and decadence of eating dessert without all the calories!

The Color Palette Collections…

I have several collections I’ve put together, including:

  • Pleasure and Chocolate
  • Decadent Cakes
  • Delightful Berries & Cream
  • Sweet and Satisfying Tarts
  • Plus MORE!

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Mango Tart Dessert Inspired Color Palette