Freebie Library!

For Creating a Magical Life!

I decided that I would create a Free section of my website that was TRULY free! No sign-up required because I said “Goodbye!” to email marketing! 

If you want to stay in touch with me and GET UPDATES on all the new free printables and downloads that I will be adding to this page be sure to follow me on Instagram here!

That’s way more personal to me than sending out an email blast, especially because I hate all the email I get (lol) so I definitely don’t want to be the one clogging up your inbox!

If there is a checklist, download or free printables you would like to see on this page just shoot me a quick email and let me know where you struggle with your home, health or spiritual practice!


Checklists and Free Printables...

Free Printables with a different Money Affirmation on each one! Includes 3 beautifully designed sheets:

Weekly Budget Sheet

Bill Pay Tracker Sheet

Monthly Budget Sheet

Free Printables that include the perfect way to whip your home into shape!

This printable packet focuses on taking bite-sized pieces out of organizing and de-cluttering your home!

If you would rather go it alone than hire a Professional this will make it super easy!

Planning the perfect holiday? 

This Holiday Planning Packet will make you the star hostess (or host) of your next family get together!


Fixin’ to Move?

Grab this totally inclusive Moving Checklist inspired by all the moving I have done across the country!


Want a little color inspiration?

I created these gorgeous color palettes to inspire COLOR in your home and life! Download below or on Pinterest


More Color Inspiration!

If dessert isn’t your thing, I’ve got some gorgeous nature inspired color palettes coming your way Jan 2018!


Free eBooks...

A simple guide to Angel Numbers and their meanings.


A daily spiritual practice to create Peace, Connection and Unity.


Spiritual Practice and Prayer